Emergency or Emergence? Transforming Crisis and Embracing the Possible

Every crisis holds the potential for transformation, healing and the awakening of consciousness. The corona crisis is no different – we can use it to take a quantum leap forward for ourselves, our communities and our planet. This is a warm invitation to join us at Hawkwood for a 3-week online journey. Details: https://www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk/event/emergency-or-emergence-tranforming-crisis/

When Spiritual Crisis Comes Knocking

How to Harness the Transformational Power of Spiritual Crisis in Three Clear Stages
Filmed before the pandemic outbreak. Now, at Easter 2020, we are still dealing with the first key stage of the crisis, which is to stay safe and get through it as best we can.
There is also some overlap with the second key stage, making sense of it and integrating it. Many of us have some respite from our hectic lives during lockdown. This is an ideal time to reflect on the bigger meaning of the crisis. In Hero’s Journey terms, what gift, what Elixir, will you bring back and out into the world following this Supreme Ordeal?
See also my EASTER SPECIAL VIDEO – includes suggestions for reflecting during lockdown on what your gift will be.
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Coronavirus, Kundalini and the Awakening of Consciousness: Easter Special

What have Notre Dame and Australia got to do with Kundalini? Why is Easter so significant in terms of the awakening of consciousness, this Easter more than ever? Plus what you can be doing during lockdown to look after yourself whilst contributing to the global awakening of consciousness.

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The Quantum Quest

In this excerpt from The Quantum Leader Masterclass, we explore The Quantum Quest.

The Pyrenees Mountains – Your Path to the Peak

How do you create the results you want in life? When you think of something you’ve accomplished, do you know how you called that in, do you know how the invisible laws of the Universe work?
Catherine G Lucas shares one key phase of creating the results we want in life, the Quantum Jump.

A New Dawn

1 January 2022 – The Dawning of a New Year and a New Era