New Year Message for 2022

A brief word of support and encouragement from Catherine G Lucas, the spiritual emergence mentor. Details & registration for New Year Visioning Retreat:

Emergency Preparedness

We live in extreme times, when humanity is collectively awakening through crisis. Whilst we don’t want to get caught up in the drama or in fear, taking a few practical precautions seems wise.

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Awakening Through Crisis – A Dawn Message

We are birthing the New Earth one project, one vision, one person at a time. Here are a few exciting new projects that are being born :

Playing for Change:
‘We inspire and connect the world through music’…

…and check out this great music video of theirs:

People’s Health Alliance:
For the People, By the People. The organic, people-led grassroots organisation creating an integrative healthcare model to heal, support & empower the people of the UK. Already several other countries are copying the same model… (Thanks to Pam Gregory for alerting us to them.)

The Good Law Project:
A not-for-profit campaign organisation that uses the law to protect the interests of the public.

‘We defend, define and change the law to uphold democracy, protect the environment and ensure no one is left behind.’

Do share any visionary new projects you know that are helping to Birth the New Earth in the comments below so that we can all explore them!

Thank you!

Watch a video of Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey sharing their personal Dark Nights of the Soul and discussing hope and our global Dark Night HERE:

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