Catherine G. Lucas

dance into your soul's deepest calling

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Welcome! SO glad you’ve found me!

I’m Catherine, your awakening mentor. I help people like you harvest the gifts from crisis and embrace your soul’s deepest calling so that you can upgrade your life in line with the shift in consciousness you’ve experienced.

Here on my website you’ll find everything you need to successfully make sense of and integrate what you’ve been through so that you can step back out into the world, sharing your gifts and letting your light shine brightly.

I invite you to watch the free video on the Three Key Phases of Moving Successfully Through Spiritual Emergence(y).

As my own soul’s calling has ever grown and expanded following my own crisis of awakening I have stepped ever more into that, experiencing ever more joy and peace as well as fulfilment in the world. This is what I want for you NOW, at this crucial time of our collective awakening of consciousness.

It was absolutely amazing! I witnessed each person in my breakout room experience a profound and visible shift within just minutes.

Rebecca Zollo
Having connection with someone who understands the process at such a deep level has been an invaluable gift to me. I gladly recommend Catherine to anyone who is seeking support during deeply transformative times.
Heidi McCardell-Wentworth
Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner
@ Inanna's Labyrinth
'The group programme has supercharged everything for me. I would recommend the process to anyone who wants more clarity and focus about what their next steps in life should be or for those wanting to fulfil their potential.’
Dan Cossins
Elite Athletics Coach
@ White Line Coaching