In Case of Spiritual Emergency: Moving Successfully Through Your Awakening

Findhorn Press / Inner Traditions

‘This book needs to be in the hands of every counsellor, physician, healthcare worker, intuitive and anyone else who works closely with people and their emotional, physical and spiritual health.’

New Spirit Journal (USA)


‘Lucas maps the territory of spiritual emergency… Her work provides the understanding and resources that can help us recognise spiritual emergency in individuals and in the world, and honour and guide the process so that we move successfully through it to individual and global awakening.’  

Spirituality & Health (USA)

About the Book

Spiritual emergencies can be triggered by many things: loss of faith or a loved
one, intense spiritual practises, even childbirth. Too often these spiritual crises or ‘dark nights of the soul’ are not recognized for what they are, but seen simply as psychosis, depression or mental breakdown. The spiritual component of these experiences is ignored. Tragically, this cuts off any possibility of integrating the lessons these events can bring.

Yet when spiritual crises are understood and managed, they offer enormous potential for growth and fulfilment.  Encouraging and supportive, the  information in these pages is vital for dealing with the mental and emotional suffering these experiences can cause.

In this guide for mental health professionals, pastoral care specialists, and people going through spiritual crisis or their caregivers, you will find:

  • A clear summary of recent psychological research of the past twenty years
  • Patterns of spiritual crises through the ages: St. Teresa of Avila, Carl Jung, & Eckhart Tolle among others
  • The Three Key Phases for Moving Successfully Through Spiritual Emergency
  • Practical, life-saving guidance for those experiencing spiritual emergency or those caring for them.