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'Before I met Catherine, I was just about making my way out of an all-consuming, utterly disorientating dark night experience that completely dismantled the life I had built for myself. I was really struggling to rebuild my life practically and come to terms with what I had been through.

Catherine was an enormously stabilising presence for me. She gently guided me through the process of rediscovering those roots in myself that I needed to direct my life in line with my spiritual orientation.

I cannot overstate how illuminating and empowering her help has been and the effects it has had on my day to day living. I now feel like I am in touch with a sense of direction and vision that is both nourished by and is itself nourishing my mystical sense of meaning. Also, as a bonus, my practical life is in much better shape! It was invaluable help that I am grateful to have found in today’s world.’

Yago Soto

I began my work with Catherine in full crisis mode. My life had completely unravelled and I had some big decisions to make.

Through my work with Catherine I was able to move through issues, let go, and make the decisions that needed to be made to follow through with bringing my new life into being. I am so grateful for the care and compassion Catherine showed as she supported and nurtured me through the process.

Having connection with someone who understands the process at such a deep level has been an invaluable gift to me. I gladly recommend Catherine to anyone who is seeking support during deeply transformative times.

Heidi McCardell-Wentworth

Do you need help rebuilding your life following a period of spiritual crisis or emergence(y)?

Have aspects of your life fallen away or even been stripped away? Has a key relationship ended? Maybe you no longer feel able or want to do the work you were doing. Maybe where you’re living is no longer suitable and you now need or want to live more in nature. Maybe you now feel called to be of greater service in some way. Maybe you’re starting to get in touch with more of a vocational calling. Or maybe you want to re-align your life, putting spirituality and your spiritual practice at the heart of everything.

I specialise in helping people like you not only rebuild but totally upgrade your life in line with the shift in consciousness you’ve been through. I help you uplevel your life in line with your new priorities, just as I did for myself following my spiritual emergence(y). And I continue to upgrade my life; it’s an ongoing process. Once I’ve taught you the tried and tested method and supported you to recreate your life, you’ll be able to apply the learning over and over again as you go forwards through life, to co-create amazing results again and again.

I offer 6-12 month programmes of one-to-one support, sometimes longer. The length of the programme depends on what you need help with and what results you are wanting to achieve. It also depends on whether you’re in the Second Key Phase or the Third Key Phase of moving successfully through your awakening. If you’re in the Second Key Phase and need help with making sense of and integrating all that you’ve been through, I have some excellent materials to help you work with the model of the S/Hero’s Journey, as recommended by the Grofs. I will support you personally through that.

If you’re ready to move to the Third Key Phase of moving successfully through your awakening, in other words to uplevel the outer aspects of your life, we will work with my signature system, The Quantum Quest.

The programme includes full access to The Quantum Quest, through my online portal, plus:
• 45 minute Zoom sessions (usually once a week but can be twice a week or every other week depending on your needs)
• email support between sessions
• recommended reading material
• journaling questions
• audio and video resources
• referrals to other specialist professionals when needed

Because of the online nature of these sessions, this support is only suitable for those who are not in acute crisis. You need to be over the worst of the crisis to benefit from our work together.


You can apply for a FREE initial 45-minute session HERE to explore the possibility of us working together. We can discuss what results you’re looking for, as well as whether the support I offer is what you need right now and is a good fit for you.