Life Crisis: The Mindful Way

Sheldon Press / Hodder & Stoughton

‘This powerful little book is packed with inspiration, advice and practices to find a path through crisis.’
Devin Ashwood, Gaia House


A very helpful book explaining the mindful way to address and overcome life crises, where a pearl may grow from the grit in the oyster so that the crisis may eventually come to be seen as an opportunity for healing and change.

David Lorimer in Paradigm Explorer, Medical & Scientific Network

About the Book

Suddenly, life changes. Whether it’s an accident, a divorce, a diagnosis, or sudden emotional turmoil, things will never be the same again. When your inner or outer world is crumbling, mindfulness has the power to help transform crisis. It helps grow that pearl from the grit and show how even a painful emergency can be an opportunity for healing and growth. Looking at evidence and personal experience, Life Crisis offers inner wisdom and practical advice to help you stay calm in the face of the storm.

Topics include:

  • How mindfulness works
  • Handling intense emotions
  • Coping with overwhelming fear
  • Dealing with physical pain
  • Self-compassion and self-care
  • Being present, slowing down
  • Meditations and practices
  • Links to audio downloads
  • Accessing support