​Coping with a Mental Health Crisis: Seven Steps to Healing

Sheldon Press

‘This book changed my life.’ Steve Carr, Mindcanyon


‘Catherine serves as an inspiration to others. Her own lived experience has taken her on a journey of self-discovery and healing. And now, with wisdom and compassion, she illuminates a wide variety of pathways to recovery, showing that, however difficult things might seem, one should never lose hope.’​

Dr Russell Razzaque​, Consultant Psychiatrist​

About the Book

For anyone in turmoil, this book explores approaches based on transpersonal psychology which explore the deeper healing needs of psyche and soul. Gives meaning to people’s experience beyond the clinical.
This book is for anyone experiencing acute depression, anxiety, or emotional turmoil which doesn’t necessarily need to be medicalised. It offers holistic information that is not readily available within mainstream mental healthcare, encompassing the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.
Topics include:
  • Why it’s vital to get the right support
  • Finding the right healthcare professional
  • Focussing on others who have recovered
  • Making lifestyle changes – drastic if need be
  • The importance of diet
  • Eliminating toxicity, whether it’s a toxic relationship, work situation or living environment
  • Regarding illness as a gift – an opportunity for healing and growth