Calling all change makers, visionaries and soulpreneurs!

Shift your financial reality. Shift your life. Shift our world.

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In this free ‘playshop’ you will:

~ discover the biggest pitfalls and limiting beliefs we tend to have around money and which ones are your personal obstacles, so that you can recognise them AND start to dismantle them

~ gain a process of 6 clear steps which together create a powerful shift in our mindset and in our financial reality

~ learn one simple, very easy mindset shift that is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER that even a child can learn and apply

Everything I’ll be sharing I personally have used to help me completely turn around both my money mindset AND my financial reality, most recently resulting in last year’s highly successful global Birth the New Earth™ summit. On top of the considerable event production costs, we were able to raise $1,000 for two fabulous non-profits.

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Here’s to creating the life of your dreams and the world of our dreams!

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